Baby Nursery Decor IdeasThe turbulent period of pregnancy involves many stresses and concerns when it comes to preparing yourselves and your house for a newborn to entire your lives. Having a baby quite obviously triggers a radical change in the way you must go about your daily life. Although not your primary concern when bringing a new life into the world, the baby nursery is a necessary worry that often involves a fair amount of planning and foresight.
Setting aside room for your newborn that is close enough for cries to be heard yet far enough away so as to allow you a minuscule amount of shut-eye would be the initial challenge. Then comes the quandary of  the theme of the baby nursery.
Providing vibrance and excitement in a baby nursery is imperative to incite a baby’s imagination and keep them occupied for hours on end. Although often taken for granted, baby’s intrigue in absolutely anything and everything means they are encapsulated by colours, touches, shapes, sounds and more. Having just sprung into the world, a baby understands nothing and is fascinated by everything. Thus having an exciting theme for a nursery is vital not only to keep them occupied but also to enkindle the development of their senses.
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh is a very popular theme as it is bright and colourful and is based around a widely favoured book character. Consisting primary of greens and oranges, a Winnie the Pooh theme allows you to easily include fun and colourful wall art, toys, clocks and more.

Vintage style nurseries are adorable themes that go back to traditional furniture and homeware while still being fun and glamorous. Getting antique style homeware Melbourne is perfect as you can simply adapt the room as your child grows older rather than having to completely redo the walls, floor, furniture, and entire look and feel of the room. Using warm colours such as pale pinks and blues, creams and browns are ideal colours for a baby to enjoy, as it makes the room feel homely and your baby safe and comfortable.
Select furniture and homeware from interior designers will make mum and dad more likely to spend time in the baby nursery with their little cherub as you can include more comfortable seating that better suits them. It will also make the theme blend in more easily with the remainder of the house. A vintage French theme also allows you to get highly creative with chairs, cupboards, lights and wall art, all of which your little one will be sure to adore.
Allissias Attic Design offers a huge range of vintage knickknacks and furniture perfect for a baby nursery. They offer a diverse assortment of ornate rustic lights, iron birdcages and birds, vintage French wall art, sofas, dressing tables, cupboards and even fabric note holders and doorstops perfect for kids’ rooms.

Jungle is a great theme for the future adventure explorers. Not only can your baby learn about different animals in the process but it can also ignite their imagination with stories of wilderness adventure and treachery.

A princess theme is perfect for the adorable newborn girl, who will be sure to love her fairytale stories. Get creative with cots like this extravagant princess carriage.